UNIBS will be involved in the synthesis of quasi-1D nanostructures and heterostructures, in strong cooperation with other project partners. In particular, UNIBS will interact with ANU for the fabrication of a multifunctional substrate for the electro-optical prototype and its functional characterization, and with TUM for the design of MOX heterostructures and for the design of sensor nodes. Moreover, UNIBS will perform morphological, structural and functional characterization of all devices, thanks to the facilities available, including gas test chambers.

TUM will lead the fabrication of sensor nodes, designing all electronics and taking care of the management of the data storage. Moreover, TUM will collaborate with UNIBS in the design of MOX heterostructures, as well as the fabrication and test of conductometric devices. TUM will also perform advanced characterization on all materials and devices, thanks to the facilities available.

ANU will be actively involved in the fabrication of optical plasmonic devices, collaborating with the Partners for the integration of MOX nanomaterials on top of multifunctional substrate. Thanks to ANU experience, electro-optical conductometric-surface plasmonic devices will be developed and tested at ANU laboratory, integrating materials developed by Partners and TUM electronics.