Spring School

"Nanotechnologies for a sustainable society"

University of Brescia, 23rd - 27th May 2022

Nanotechnology is a breakthrough approach that radically changed science and our life. Its introduction in many application fields opened the possibility of leveraging fundamental mechanisms at the nanoscale to control all the basic properties (structural, chemical, electronic, and optical) of a microsystem. Nowadays, this enables the development of innovative devices with enhanced capabilities, improved performance, and lower power consumption. Recent studies predict a massive Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology deployment to monitor the environment, buildings, transport, people, etc. However, this large-scale development poses huge challenges for a sustainable energy-efficient infrastructure. With such needs, device fabrication, recyclability, life-cycle assessment and energy consumption are key factors, potentially leading to ecological challenges.


Some of the topics covered by the school are:

  • What is nanotechnology

  • Synthesis and deposition techniques, such are chemical and physical vapour deposition

  • Optical, electron and atomic force microscopies

  • Optical spectroscopies, such are X-Ray Diffraction and Raman

  • Applications: Chemical gas sensors, Solid oxide fuel cells, others.


PhD students and young researchers are welcome to attend this school, which is completely free of charge. Limited number of attendees are invited in presence, but online participation is always possible.

Registrations are now closed.


Prof. Elisabetta Comini – University of Brescia (Italy)

Prof. Davide Barreca – CNR-ICMATE (Italy)

Prof. Chiara Maccato – University of Padova (Italy)

Prof. Gilbert Nessim – Bar Ilan University (Israel)

Prof. Donatella Puglisi – Linköping University (Sweden)

Dr. Dario Zappa – University of Brescia (Italy)

Full Program

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The Venue

The University of Brescia is an important university in a city of art and culture with an excellent quality of life, in one of the most important industrial and productive regions in Italy. The University of Brescia provides high quality services to its students, including international students: counselling services, scholarships financial aids, tutoring, computer and multimedia rooms, wireless zones, libraries, on-line services, laboratories and centres of advanced scientific research. Moreover, it offers: accommodation services, dining halls, cultural activities and sports, Italian language courses for foreign students.

Via Bollani 20, Brescia


  • Bollani 100

  • Bollani 80

Via Valotti 3, Brescia


  • Auditorium collegio Lucchini

Via Valotti 7, Brescia


  • SENSOR Laboratory